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Manhattan Sidewalk / Parking Lot Cleaning

New York Crystal Cleaning understands the importance your business. As a Business owner, the appearance of your exterior is crucial to maintain a good impression on your customers. We can help to maintain your sidewalks, parking lots, drive-ups and perimeters impeccable. New York Crystal Cleaning will take responsibility to maintain these areas in such matter that is acceptable to you and local authorities. New York Crystal Cleaning will provide the necessary labor to ensure that the exterior sidewalks, parking lots, drive-ups and perimeters are free from litter/debris.

In New York a property owner has the obligation to keep the sidewalk in front of his property clear of litter. This responsibility does not end at the curb, but extends eighteen inches into the city streets. The New York City administrative code establishes two one-hour periods, knows as “routing hours” during which the department of sanitation can conduct citywide enforcement for premises varying by sanitation district. Tickets are regularly issues for items such as plastic cups, bottles, cigarette butts, napkins, tissues, plastic bags, flyers, wrappers, food waste, and dog waste being found in front of a home or business. Owners of the property will get a Notice of Violation, fines are generally $100 for a first offense and are usually the same for the subsequent violations, but can reach up to a cost of $300. SAVE TIME AND MONEY BY ADHIRING OUR SERVICES TO ENSURE YOU DON’T HAVE THIS ISSUE TODAY!